Term: Term
Meaning: A number or a variable
Example: 5x+3 has 2 terms.. 5xand3

Term: Variable
Meaning: a Letter that represents a value that can change or Vary.
Examples: 2a + 3 <---- a is the variable

Term: Coefficient
meaning: The number that is going to be multipied by the variable.
Examples: 8y <----- 8 is the coefficient

Term: expression
Meaning: expression is when phares that are made up of numbers and variables
Examples: 3x + 2 is an expression

Term: binomial
Meaning: A polynomial that has only 2 terms.
Examples: 3x+4 is a binomial 2 terms

Term: Trinomial
Meaning: A polynomial with 3 terms
Examples: x2 + 3x-1 =3 terms

Term: Monomial
Meaning: A polynomial with one term
Examples: 7x is only one term

Term: Simplify
Meaning: To find a shorter and simpler equivalent
Examples 2a + 3a + 1 = 5a + 1

Term: Degree of A Term
Meaning: You add the exponent on the variables in a term
Examples: the Degree of 5x2y=3

Term: Degree of a Polynomial
Meaning: The degree of the greatest degree term
Examples: a2 + b2 + x 3, x3 + 2xy

Term: Like Terms
Meaning: Terms that have the same variables raised to the same exponent
Examples: 3xy -xy and 2.5 xy are like terms

Terms: Unlike Terms
Meaning: Terms that have different variables, or the same variables but different exponents
Examples: 2x, 5y and x2 are unlike terms.

Question: Classify each polynomial by the number of terms it has.
a) 3x2 +2x b) -2m c) 4x2 - 3xy+ y2 d) a-2b+c-3

Polynomial : 3x2 + 2x
Number of Terms: 2
Type of Polynomial : Binomial

Polynomial: -2m
number of Terns: 1
Tyoe of Polynomial: Monomial

Polynomial : 4x2-3xy+y2
Number of Terms: 3
Type of Polynomial: trinomial

Polynomial: a-2b+c-3
Number Of terms: 4
Type of Polynomial: Four term Polynomial
1. Identify the Coefficient and the variable part of each term.
a) 2y b) -3x c) mn d)1/2 x2 e) -w2 f) -0.4gh3

2. 7x2 + 3xy + 4y2 is a .. ?
A momomial B Binomial
C trinomial D term

3.Classify each polynomial by the number of terms.
a) -2x b) 6y2 + 2y -1
c) a-1/2b d) 3u2-uv + 2v2
e) 3k2 - 1/2k f) m+ 0.2n - 0.3 +mn