Ratio and Proportions

Ratio and Proportions Tutorial

A method of comparing values.
A ratio is a comparison of quantites measured in the same units. A ratio can be written in a ratioform as 3:6 or in a fraction form as 3/6. Similar to fractions, ratios can be written with terms that have no common factors or in simplist form

Ratio And Proportion Examples

1. Writing each ratio in simplist form.
a) 6:12 ---> 3:6 divide by a comman factor.
b) 15:5 ---> 3:1
c) 16: 40 ---> 4:10
d) 100:30 ---> 10:3

2. Solving Equations.
a) 2:5=20:x
b) x:14=3:7
c) 15:11=150:x

Word Problems

3. The ratio of tickets sold for adults, students, and children was 12:8:3
a) If 432 adult tickets were sold, how many student tickets were sold?
Adult : Students : Children
12 : 8 : 3
432 : 288 : 108
b) If tickets cost $1.75 for adults, $1.25 for students, and $0.50 for children, how much money was collected?
432/$1.75 = $246.86 for every adult
288/$1.25 = $230.40 for every student
108/$0.50 = $216.00 for every child

Ratio and Proportion Practice

1. Write the ratio to compare each quantity to its total. Expree each ratio in simplist form.
a) 5 kg of potassium in 20 kg of ferilizer
b) 12g of fat in 96 g of meat
c) 12 L of water in 14 L of juice
d) 40 mL of chlorine in 850 mL of solution

2. Seven out of ten people prefer Fresh toothpaste. How many would prefer Fresh in a group of 120 people?

3. Write the ratio of dogs to cats.

4. To convert from centimetre to inches, you can use the fact that a 30-cm ruler is just over 12 inches long. A person is 160 cm tall. What is the persons's approximate height, in inches?

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By Abbie Lawrie and Sarah Bessette