Rates Including Unit Rates
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Rates are used to compare two quantities expressed in different units, such as miles/km/per hour, the price of two or more products [picture at top of page (six/ $2.34)].Ratios are the same as rates except for they compare quantities that are using the same units (such as percentages example: 100% to 0%).
Here are some solved examples of rates and ratios...
Let I represent income and p represent personSolve for I. If ten people combined make a milllion dollars per year. How much would a single person make?500 000 I / 10 pDivide I by p and you end up with the pay per year of a single person. Which is 50 000 I / 1 p
Sally was selling muffins for her school fundraiser. If the number of muffins she sold, was represented by m and the price of each muffin was $0.50 how much would 7 muffins cost?$0.50/ m Fifty cents, times the number of muffins$0.50(7) Fifty cents times 7 muffinsEquals the rate of $3.50/ 7m
Carl was fencing his yard. His yard has a perimeter of 10 m. If 1 m of fencing cost $5.99 how much would it cost for Carl to fence his entire yard.?It would cost about $60.00 not including tax to fence his yard.
How to solve rates video...
Rates game...
Match the amount with the rate that fits best,
100km per 6
$10.00 week
3 times hour

Solve these next questions by yourself...

If a car is traveling 70km/ hour, how far will it travel in 14 hours?

Lemons cost $0.50 each if you buy a pair you get a $0.25 discount.
How much would it cost for 7 lemons?

If a person ran 25km in 5 hours,how long was it until they reached 5km?