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Collecting like terms is a process people use to simplify expressions or equations using addition and subtraction of the coefficients of terms. The objective is to get like terms of one kind on ONE side of the equals sign, and the other kind of like term on the OTHER side of the equals sign.
Always make sure that when you switch like terms around, you take the sign in FRONT of the term, and do its oppisite opperation.
example of this:

Correct Version Incorrect Version
5-2x=4x+4 5-2x=4x+4

5-4=2x+4x 5+4=-2x+4

1=6x 10=2x

Below are 3 basic example of collecting like terms:

1.)> 8+3x=2+4x

    • 8+2=3x+4x

      • 10=7x

2.)> 12y+7x=4y+3x

    • 12y+4y=7x+3x

      • 16y+10x

3.)> -6+9x=4-5x

    • -6-4=-9x-5x

      • -2=-4x

If you still need help understanding, or need help grasping the concept a bit better, check out these video links *widgets not working D:>*:

Here are some practice question:

1.) 5x+5=5+5x

2.) 7-4x=12+5x

3.) 14x+9=x-2

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